Wednesday, June 30, 2010


We recently returned from a camping trip with our friends Jake and Kylee Wood. It was a ton of fun. We went to Newton Reservoir, it is north of Smithfield and Logan. One the way there we passed through a small town, Newton. There were only 6 total streets; Main, Center, 100 and 200 N,S,E and W. It was TINY.


Once we got to camp we set up our tent and chairs and Jake started a fire to cook dinner. While the girls talked and Jake finished preparing dinner I went fishing. I caught a tiny little perch (by accident). We had deer steak and corn. It was really good. I know going up Jess was a little worried about eating it because of the possibility of it having a gamey taste to it. We all enjoyed it.


After dinner Jake and I took off for the water and found ourselves in the middle of the reservoir. We heard some slapping around in the water and after checking it out we found a perch. I decided to stick it in my pocket and use the two we had for bait the next day.


Getting to sleep that night was a joke however. Jess and Kylee said that while we were out on the lake some neighbors had started the generator to the camper. It didn't get shut off until 1AM. It was ridiculous. So once we did get to sleep we were all woken up by a dog that would not stop barking. GAH!! Needless to say we were all up at 7:25. Jess and I were in charge of breakfast. FRENCH TOAST!! The excitement didn't last long. I had forgotten to bring the milk, eggs, cinnamon and vanilla. The only thing we had was bread, and even then I didn't grab enough of it. So, we had toast instead. :(


It was now time to play in the water! Jess and I got onto one of Jake's old Seven Peaks double tubes while Jake pulled out the air mattress for Kylee to lay on. We went out and played around in the water for a while until returning to shore for an early lunch. After lunch Jake and I took and old bucket put a rock in it to use as an anchor, and left with the air mattress and used it as our own fishing boat. We were BY FAR the most redneck looking guys on the water at this point, but, we were also the ones having the most fun. We took our homemade anchor and tied it to my ankle and lowered it into the water. After about an hour or so of no luck we decided to return to shore. Once we got there we found Jess asleep in her chair and Kylee reading her book.



We played a couple games of Phase 10 before Jess, Jake and I returned to the water. We crossed the reservoir in our tubes and made the return trip. WOW, it’s a small body of water but it sure does put a beating on your arms and legs from paddling! We got out and played UNO for a while. By now we had all been in the sun far too long (some of us without sunscreen :( ) and quickly cooked our dinner. We packed up and left for Logan where Jake and Kylee live.

The next day was Sunday and Jess and I were burnt. Her legs were red while my entire body, head to toe, was bright red! Jess had a wonderful tan line about 3/4 the way up her arm from when she took a nap in the sun, it is pretty funny. I on the other hand just got plain baked!

Our camping trip was an amazing one