Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Friends :)

This last weekend was quite enjoyable. We were helping our friends Britt and Andy in laying some tile. I didn't do anything really but I did have an enjoyable time hanging out with Britt. On Friday we did some running around for the boys while they were getting the tile set. Little did they know that they had set the tile with the grout instead of the mortar. It was kinda funny to hear that they did it wrong but at the same time they had stayed up until 4 A.M. working on it and then had to pull it all back up. Well Saturday came and when Donnie got off we went to grab some dinner. Britt and Andy met us at Costa Vida (But I ate Jimmy John's! YUM!) After dinner Britt and I went to Kohl's to look around and Britt found this so so so cute yellow shirt. Well she needed to find a white shirt to go under it so we went to Seagull Book. When we got there I fell in love with this peach jacket ( I don't know what else to call it) I then found the PERFECT gray skirt to go with it. The only thing it needed was a bright white shirt to go underneath the peach jacket. It is so so so cute!! I love it. Thanks Britt for talking me into getting it. I almost hyperventilated when I bought it but I love it. We went back to Britt's house and showed our husbands how cute we were. Oh and Britt got this cute white flower to go in her hair that made her look so springy!! The boys were able to get the tile set and it looked so good and yesterday Britt and Andy got the grout down. They sent me a picture this morning and it looks so great!!! You guys did an awesome job. Pictures coming soon of the new outfit. Can't wait to show it off!! TTFN!


There is one thing that can make a stressful situation happy and that is FROGS. Those who know me well know I love love love love frogs. I would have a pond full of frogs if I could. Well our house flooded again a little over a week ago and I was upset. I was down in the crawl space vacuuming up water when Britt, Andy and Donnie came walking down stairs. Andy has his hands cupped and I ask if it is a bug and they say no and then I yell "IS IT A FROG". Andy then moved his top hand and there was a frog. It was just waiting for me to hold it. I could see the smile it had on it's face when it saw me. haha! I held it for a minute and then Donnie touched the back end and it jumped off and went under the washer. Andy was able to retrieve it. Since that night I have seen three frogs by our pump outside. I decided to name the first one he will now be known as Gustavo. Isn't that a catching name?

Monday, April 4, 2011

Park Fun!

Last week we took our cute little pup out for a walk and we decided to go down to the park since it is right there. We saw the slide sitting there all lonely and decided to put Sassy on it. She looked so cute. I must admit she seemed a little nervous but she was brave and went down!

Doesn't She look like she is having so much fun? :)

Well I hope you enjoy this little post. TTFN :)