Friday, December 16, 2011


I have been so blessed to have such a great husband. We have had our ups and downs but it has been worth it. He has worked hard our entire marriage and continues to work hard. Last week he was able to go and test for a Utah Highway Patrol job and he did amazing. He is still waiting to hear the results on a written test he took but he did AMAZAZING on the physical part. I hope he knows how much I love him.

He is just the cutest thing!!! :) xoxo


I have been feeling pretty crafty lately. I had a craft day with my mom the day after Thanksgiving and that was so much fun. She made the cutest snowman door hanger and I made Rudolph. We had so much fun playing with glitter and rubbing it all over our faces.
Last weekend I needed a little bit more Christmas decor in my house. So I found my 2 wooden blocks that I had bought several months previous. I painted them red and green and found some ribbon and tied it around the blocks so that they would look like presents. They turned out so cute. Here is a pic so you can see for yourself!!

Sassy :)

We have almost had our sweet puppy for a year. On the 18th we are going to celebrate her 5th birthday. It feels like we have always had her in our home. She is so much fun and a great snuggler. The other day when I came home from work I let her in and we went and snuggled on the couch. She is so much fun and I absolutely love her. She keeps me from going crazy when I am home alone. She is my guard dog.. I am so glad that I walked in to the PetsMart almost a year ago and found her. One of my favorite things from her is those wonderfully slobbery kisses. I love you Sassy dog!!!!

The Babies :)

The babies have captured all of our hearts. I love having these little angels in my life. I can't wait until I can run around tickling them and hearing them squeal. I love having them in my life. I feel so blessed that I get to spend so much time with them. They have been such a joy to have. My parents absolutely adore them. They spoil them rotten. Here are a few pictures of them. One of these days they are going to start running around together and getting in to trouble.

I found this pic of Kenzie and I and I love it so I have to add it.

I just love these little girls!!! xoxo

4 months!

I have another cute niece Abi!! Who turned 4 months today. She has quite the voice on her. You would think that she wanted to be an Opera singer. She is full of smiles and loves to cuddle. She already has a favorite movie "Tangled". I am surprised she hasn't started singing the songs :) Here are some fun pictures of her.

Donnie is so proud of her. Already using a cell phone! :) Love you Abi, sending you eskimo kisses. :) xoxo

6 months!

My cute little niece Kenzie is 6 months old today. She is quite the cute thing. She has these chunky legs that you just want to kiss. She gives the biggest smiles and slobbers all over everything. She can sit up by herself.. I can't believe that she is already 6 months old. Here are a few pics of her that I JUST LOVE!

Who couldn't love this little girl!!!!!!! Love you Kenzie bug!!! xoxo

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Feeling the need to be Thankful!!!

My HUBBY Sassy Love Christ Scriptures Testimonies Family Mom Dad Ashley Stephanie
Melissa Krysta Nieces McKenzie Abigail Grandparents Aunts Uncles In-laws Jeanie Donnie Cameron Tyler Ashleigh Seasons Fall Spring Winter Summer Snow Rain Hail
A house Car Truck Lawn Mower Flowers Weeds A bed Blankets Slippers Socks Clothes Toothbrush Hair brush Make-up A toilet Shoes Boots Pictures Carpet Kitchen
The way sassy jumps on me to welcome me home Copper Doogal
Hugs Kisses Tears Laughs Education Teachers Homework Papers Projects Research Medicine Scholarships Grants My job The Wilson’s Love Stories Romance Dr. Pepper
Journals Stories Scriptures Prophet Apostles Bishop Primary kids
Eskimo kisses Butterfly kisses Handholding Fat kisses Smiles Potato bugs
Grasshoppers Caterpillars Butterflies Life after death Eternity Counseling Time

There is so much more I am thankful for! I am so thankful to be here in this moment. Life is hard but it is so worth it. I AM SO THANKFUL.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The "BIG" 25

So it has taken me awhile to get back on the blog but at least I came back. So Donnie is now 25.. I can't believe it. I planned a fun vacation to Vegas for him and he was so stoked. We spent the first night and day in St. George and spent some time with my family.

We were able to go out to breakfast with his cousin Jake while we were down there and it was so much fun. It was nice to get to catch up with him. Donnie got stuffed french toast and it looked so delicious. I am going to post a pic so you can all drool over it, like I did.

When we were in St. George we were able to go out to dinner with my family and it was so fun. We went to the brick oven.

When we were in Vegas, we got to do so much. We went shopping, saw Phantom of the Opera at the Venetian and we got to eat dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. We had such a great time. We also got to go on the New York New York roller coaster. It was so much fun!!!!!! I had a great time on this vacation and didn't want to come back to reality. Next time we go on vacation I hope it is a cruise!!!!! :)

Cute birthday boy!!! :)

I think he had a great birthday. :)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Vegas Preview...

Last month we were able to take a little vacation to celebrate Donnie's 25th birthday!!! I don't have all the pictures that I want to post but I wanted to share this one and it will leave you wanting more. :)

Donnie and I being goofballs. The cream soda was quite delicious! I think we drank 6 of them from Vegas to St. George haha!

Much more to come later today... xoxo

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Abi's Blessing Day!!!

My other sweet Niece Abi was blessed on October 9th. She was so cute. Her dress was hand made and it was just beautiful. I got a picture of me and her that day. :)

Love you little Abi!! Sending eskimo kisses your way!! :)

Kenzie's Blessing Day

Ashley and Kyle blessed there beautiful little girl Kenzie on September 11th. She looked so beautiful. My mom got a cute pic of them that I wanted to share. I also got a pic with her on this special day but she wasn't in her pretty dress but that is okay :)

Love you little Kenzie!! :)

Pizza Sauce YUM

We thought that since we have a house of our own it was time to grow a garden. The garden wasn't anything special but it did give us an enormous amount of tomatoes :) I must say they were delicious tomatoes. Donnie doesn't particularly like tomatoes so he decided he wanted to make pizza sauce!!!! I thought it was a marvelous idea because Donnie makes the most delicious pizza.

We had two full bowls of tomatoes like this!

Donnie did all of the hard work making the pizza sauce I just help add some seasonings and of course I was his Taste Tester :)

He made a total of 12 jars and I think we have given the majority of those away. He just wants everyone to taste his creation :) Here is the final product.

I am so glad that I have a hubby who wants to can. I am so excited to make pizza with his sauce. So far we have only used it for breadsticks but I absolutely love it!!!

Weddings!!! :)

I just love weddings. Last weekend Donnie's cousin Sariah got married to Andrew!!! :) They are officially the "Olds" couple! :) It was so much fun and it was just beautiful. The temple was a little chilly but it was GORGEOUS! I didn't get a picture of the two of them but Donnie and I had fun taking pics of us and he beautiful flowers at the temple.

We are so excited for them to start their wonderful journey! Love you guys!

Kitchen Remodel!

We have been working on redoing are kitchen for a couple of months. We repainted our cabinets white and painted the walls gray. I think it is looking really pretty. I can't wait until we can get our new laminate and have my awesome friend Maurie paint some canvas's for us!!! :) (I better hurry and have her do it before she leaves on her mission. I am so excited for her!!!).

I hope we can finish it up before Christmas but if not I still think it looks beautiful! :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Princess And Sassy Like Pickles

You might be thinking this is a weird title... but it really does have a purpose. I have been studying for my research test for the last couple of days and have been trying to think of things to remember information. So that is how princess and sassy like places came about. The P is for Plan, A is for Actually Done, S is for Safeguards, L is for Limitations, and P is for Procedure. My handsome hubby helped me with this. I am so grateful that he will help me study. I know it sounds a little silly but it has helped me remember the information.


Thursday, September 8, 2011

God Gave Me You

I have recently found a new song that I absolutely love! It is by Blake Shelton, "God Gave Me You." If you haven't heard it take the time to listen to it. I am going to post it! God gave me you for the ups and downs God gave me you for the days of doubt And for when I think I lost my way There are no words here left to say, it’s true God gave me you I am so glad that I have Donnie. God gave me him for the days I struggle and for the days I am a smiley happy person. I feel like there have been many ups and downs in my marriage but right now we are on an up. We are working together to make our marriage flourish. We are making time for one another and we are showing our love. I think it is so important to show your love! I have been so frustrated with school and finding time to do everything and I felt somewhat lost.. But my hubby is always standing right there when I need him. He is always reaching out his hand to help me. I also think that God gave me my little primary class to help me. He sent me to them so I could feel of their sweet little spirits. I love when they come and give me hugs or want to sit on my lap. I am so grateful that God blessed me with such a sweet loving family. I love my sisters, brother-in-laws and my cute nieces (They sure do make me smile). I LOVE MY MOMMY AND DADDY!!! They are so great..I also am grateful for my other family my In-laws. I always have so much fun with Sis!! :) I do love them. God Gave me all these people! On my own I’m only Half of what I could be I can’t do without you We are stitched together And what love has tethered I pray we never undo I am so glad that I found my other half! We work together as a team. He is helping me through school (Only 3 semesters left.) In May I get to help him through school. I couldn't be more proud of him. He is going to make a great officer one day!!!!

Smiley Happy Faces

I took this picture on Sunday and I just love it!!!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Everyday were shuffling!!

Donnie is really wanting to learn how to shuffle and so Sis is trying to teach him. I must say it is pretty funny to watch but it sure is cute.


Glub Glub I'm a Dork Fish!

Ashleigh aka our dork fish!! We have called each other this the whole time we have known each other. We grab each others faces and go "Glub glub I am a dork fish." Well our little dork fish is now a cheerleader and we got to see her in the Roy Day's parade and we caught one picture of her. We are so proud of her and all the accomplishments she has achieved. We love you SIS!!!

Timpanogos Cave!

A couple of weekends ago we headed down to hike the caves at Timpanogos. We had such a great time. The hike was difficult at times but we made it to the top and went through the caves. It was so cool to go through the caves. Our guide called me the "Mom" of the group so I got to close all the doors behind us. I am so glad that we were able to go with Morgan and Lyndy!

Cabinets :)

We have been working on repainting our cabinets and they are mostly done.. They still need a little work done on them. Now we just need to paint the walls in the kitchen and get new laminate! I am so glad that it is coming together though. I love making changes to our house!

I will post final pictures soon!!!

Little Moments

A couple of weekends ago I was able to take my hubby on a little getaway. We didn't go far just up to Brigham City but it felt like we were miles away. I got us a hotel and took him to a nice dinner. It was so nice just getting to spend so much time with just my husband. It made me really thankful for the little moments that I get with him. We went swimming that night and it was so much fun. I felt like a little kid again. I enjoy getting to spend sometime with my hubby!

Remember it is important to remember the little moments!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011


So school started again Monday.. I am not quite sure what to think of it yet. It really has messed up my work schedule but I know when it is finished it will be worth it. I am starting the block classes in the Family Studies degree. I have already finished my emphasis which is in Social Work. I have to take my first research class and I am not sure who that is going to go I am hoping good. I only have 2 semesters after this one!! I am so excited.
Donnie said that he is really missing school so hopefully we can get him into the police academy soon!!! I am so happy to have him in my life he has been working so hard so that I can go to school! I love you BIG TUNA :)


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Abigail Jane Smith :)

Tuesday morning at 1:34 a.m. my sister Stephanie gave birth to a beautiful little girl named Abigail. She is quite the cutie. She weighed 7 lbs and was 20 inches long. I got to see her Tuesday when I got off of work. I walked into the hospital room and looked at her and instantly my heart melted.. I love her. I gave her a few eskimo kisses!!! I think that will be my signature with her. I am so happy for Steph and Scott!!
Isn't she just the cutest!!!

What a great dad already!!! He was so cute with her!

Man all these babies are making me a little baby hungry! I am so happy to be an Aunt! I love you Abi and Kenzie!