Wednesday, April 17, 2013

16 Weeks :)

I am so happy that we have made it to 16 weeks! I am starting to feel a bit better. I don't throw up all day anymore (which I am very grateful for). I am starting to show a bit and it makes me very excited. I can't wait to have this little bundle of joy with us! We find out the sex next week which I am very excited about!!!! Donnie and I have planned how we are going to find out and how our friends and family are going to. I will post next week and let you know :) TTFN!

Thursday, February 28, 2013


Donnie and I are excited to announce that we are pregnant!! It was such an amazing feeling to find out! Donnie and I have been trying for quite some time and couldn't be more excited for this little peanut! I took the test when Donnie was at work.. I didn't want to call and tell him the news over the phone so I decorated our bathroom with a whole bunch of baby things and wrote on the mirror "We're Pregnant". I hid in the bathroom with the dogs and when he got home he heard the dogs jumping on the door so he came up to the bathroom. As soon as he opened the door I yelled "We're Pregnant". He said "Oh Shit" haha because I scared him so bad. He didn't think I was home. After he got over the shock he just kept looking at me and saying "are you serious?" He made me show him the pee stick so that he knew for sure it was real :) I am so glad that he is so excited. He is going to make such a wonderful daddy! He has such an amazing heart and I know that he can't wait to share that with our baby. (January 21st the first day :)) Donnie and I decided we didn't want to wait to share our excitement. So we told our families the next day! (January 22nd) Donnie made these cute shirts for Fudge and Sassy that said "Future big Bro" "Future big Sis". They were very cute! We put them on the dogs when Donnie got to my parents house and had them run down the stairs. My family didn't notice at first and Krysta said "What do those shirt say" so we read it to them and then Krysta said "those are cute" and they kept on talking. So I said "Do you know what it means" and Steph yells "you're pregnant!" It was so funny! They were all so excited!!! At Donnie's parents house we did something a little different. Donnie had picked up some rolls from Texas Roadhouse (because Jeanie loves that place) and he wrote in the boxes "We have a bun in the oven". We get in the house and hand both his parents at take out box and they open them just barely to see what is inside and they think that there are only rolls so they close the lids back up. So Donnie says "There is more then just rolls in there. So they look again and still don't see it so we open the lids all the way and then they see it.. and they yelled and were so excited! It was so much fun!!! We are so very excited for this new adventure as well as a little nervous. Love, Jess

St. George Half Marathon

Oh my goodness. I never thought I would be able to say this but I ran a half marathon on January 19th :) I wasn't the fastest person there but I finished! I didn't think I was going to be able to finish but I did it. Donnie, Scott, Dad, Melissa and I all ran it. I was the slowest of the bunch but I don't mind :) We had a little cheer section for us it was made up of Steph, Krysta, Abi, and Trent. They came and saw me about mile 6 and it is a good thing becaues I needed an extra boost! I felt a sense of accompishment when I crossed the finish line. I know it won't be my last race.. one day I will run a marathon. TTFN :) Jess

Monday, January 7, 2013

2012 in Review!

January *January is our anniversary month. We didn't really do much for this anniversary. It was our 3rd :) I had got Donnie some Zac Brown Band tickets so we went and saw them in concert and they were amazing!! :) We went out to P.F. Changs for dinner before. For our anniversary we stayed at home and ate cookies and watched "How I Met Your Mother". It was a nice anniversary!!
February *This is Donnie's least favorite month. (He isn't much of a Valentine's guy). But he suprised me with Lady Antebellum tickets for our anniversary and it was on Febuarary 14th (Valentines Day) :) We took the front runner down to Energy Soultions and watched the wonderful concert. We had so much fun and Lady A is amazing live!
*We also added a second dog to our family! :) Fudge! He is such a good dog and we love him to pieces. (Even when he marks things in the house) Sassy loves having a friend to play with.
*In February we also found out that we would be adding another niece or nephew to the family. (Cameron and Jamie found out they were pregnant) *I started my weight loss journey:) *My best friend Maurie left on her mission. (Miss her but I know she is doing wonderful work) March, April, May *I don't have specific memories of these months but I do know that we had a lot of fun starting to hike and work out together. We did go fishing a few times :)
June *In June our cute niece Kenzie turned 1 :) She was a party animal. It was so fun.
*Donnie ran a race in Provo with Scott (Our BIL) Steph, Abi & I watched and cheered them on. For some reason I can't find any picutres. *My total weight loss came to 32 lbs :)
*Donnie's Grandpa Read passed away :(
July *We weren't able to go to St. George for the 4th of July with my family and so we went swimming at the aquatic center. We had a lot of fun.
*We went on a family trip with all the HOWELL'S to the Granite Flats. We had a great time. Donnie and I caught some pretty cute little fish :) August *At the beginning of August I ran my first 10k in Ephraim. It was so beautiful. Donnie's phone erased most of the pictures so I only have a few of us fishing. We had a great time fishing. After the race we stayed and fished for a couple of days and then on the last day we went to Lagoon. It was a great little getaway.
* Our cute niece Abi turned 1 :)
* I started my last semester of school for my Bachelor's Degree!!!!!! September * We had a new niece born, they named her Brylee Marie Howell. She is just the cutest.
October * We celebrated Donnie's 26th birthday :) He is such a handsome guy. I just love him muchisimo.
* We had a lot of fun hanging out with our nieces on Halloween and seeing them all dressed up. Abi was Rapunzel, Kenzie was an elephant and Brylee was a cow :) * Donnie ran in the tough mudder :) He is a total stud! November * We celebrated Thanksgiving with family. * I finished my portfolio for graduation! December * Celebrated my 23rd birthday :) Went to Tepenyaki for dinner! Donnie suprised me with a beautiful locket! * Had our annual friend Christmas party.
* Graduated with my Bachelor's from Weber State University.
* Celebrated Christmas with friends and family!!! We had a pretty great year!! :) We are hoping that this year is just as good and hopefully a few things happen for us!! Happy New Year Love the Howell's!
Love, Jess