Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Abi's Blessing Day!!!

My other sweet Niece Abi was blessed on October 9th. She was so cute. Her dress was hand made and it was just beautiful. I got a picture of me and her that day. :)

Love you little Abi!! Sending eskimo kisses your way!! :)

Kenzie's Blessing Day

Ashley and Kyle blessed there beautiful little girl Kenzie on September 11th. She looked so beautiful. My mom got a cute pic of them that I wanted to share. I also got a pic with her on this special day but she wasn't in her pretty dress but that is okay :)

Love you little Kenzie!! :)

Pizza Sauce YUM

We thought that since we have a house of our own it was time to grow a garden. The garden wasn't anything special but it did give us an enormous amount of tomatoes :) I must say they were delicious tomatoes. Donnie doesn't particularly like tomatoes so he decided he wanted to make pizza sauce!!!! I thought it was a marvelous idea because Donnie makes the most delicious pizza.

We had two full bowls of tomatoes like this!

Donnie did all of the hard work making the pizza sauce I just help add some seasonings and of course I was his Taste Tester :)

He made a total of 12 jars and I think we have given the majority of those away. He just wants everyone to taste his creation :) Here is the final product.

I am so glad that I have a hubby who wants to can. I am so excited to make pizza with his sauce. So far we have only used it for breadsticks but I absolutely love it!!!

Weddings!!! :)

I just love weddings. Last weekend Donnie's cousin Sariah got married to Andrew!!! :) They are officially the "Olds" couple! :) It was so much fun and it was just beautiful. The temple was a little chilly but it was GORGEOUS! I didn't get a picture of the two of them but Donnie and I had fun taking pics of us and he beautiful flowers at the temple.

We are so excited for them to start their wonderful journey! Love you guys!

Kitchen Remodel!

We have been working on redoing are kitchen for a couple of months. We repainted our cabinets white and painted the walls gray. I think it is looking really pretty. I can't wait until we can get our new laminate and have my awesome friend Maurie paint some canvas's for us!!! :) (I better hurry and have her do it before she leaves on her mission. I am so excited for her!!!).

I hope we can finish it up before Christmas but if not I still think it looks beautiful! :)